Course Description

If you’re spinning your wheels in your career, feeling overwhelmed by what’s next, or have the sense that your career is happening to you, you aren’t alone. The modern career landscape is vastly different from the one traveled by the generations of professionals who came before us, and yet we’ve been taught all of the same rules and expectations for how we should move through the world.

In this four week e-course, we’ll break free of those outdated expectations and explore the new rules of the career road. Join Career Strategist & Certified Professional Coach Carole Ann Penney to get unstuck and get into the driver’s seat of your own professional life. We’ll explore key mindsets and practical tools that will help you to define your own direction and recharge your momentum in the modern job market—so that you can confidently move forward with intention and adaptability.

Course Introduction

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Let go of old guidance about what your career should look like.
  • Define what drives you.
  • Map out your career vision.
  • Get clear on your personal measures of success. 
  • Open up greater possibilities for creating your own meaningful career path.
  • Create an action plan to put what you’ve learned into practice so that you can make intentional, informed decisions about your next steps. 

How it Works:

Each week, you will watch a series of videos that cover key course concepts and guide you through your own reflection. You will receive a PDF workbook that you can download and print to complete activities and capture your takeaways. 

During the course, you will try on new mindsets, work through reflective exercises that help you apply those mindsets to your specific career path, and engage with your peers. 

We will also have a private Linkedin discussion forum where you can engage with the broader community in the Career Success Course, ask questions, and share resources.

This course is offered in partnership with more than a dozen alumni offices including McMaster University, St Lawrence University and Bryn Mawr College . Alumni from partner schools will also participate in the LinkedIn Discussion Group allowing for increased networking and more diverse perspectives.

Each week you will:

  • Engage with course videos
  • Complete reflective exercises in weekly workbooks
  • Track your progress 
  • Capture key takeaways and action steps

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Career Success in Your 20's - Course Introduction

    • Making the Most of this Course

    • About Your Facilitator

  2. 2
    • Week 1 Workbook: Your Career Map, Reflection Questions

    • Map Your Career Path to Date

    • The Outdated Beliefs About the “Right Way” to Navigate your Career

    • A New Model For Career Development That Actually Reflects The Modern Job Economy

    • Rethink Your Trajectory

  3. 3
    • Week 2 Workbook: Values Assessment

    • Your Job Title Does Not Define You

    • Explore And Define Your Purpose: The Core Values That Guide You

    • Navigate Your Career With Your Core Values As Your Compass

  4. 4
    • Week 3 Workbook: Personal Success Statement, Road Trip Wish List

    • Break Free Of The One-Size Fits All Version Of Success

    • Articulate Your Career Vision

    • Your Career Path Is Not About Where You’ve Been—It’s About Where You’re Going

  5. 5
    • Week 4 Workbook: Skills Inventory, Capture Your Career Unknowns Pdf Resource: Informational Interview Guide

    • How To Manage The Unknowns That Hold You Back

    • Rally Your Resources

    • Build Your Skills And Experience Along The Ride

    • Set Intentional Next Steps That Put What You’ve Learned Into Practice

Our Facilitator - Carole Ann Penney

Certified Professional Coach Career Strategist | Speaker | Founder, Penney Leadership

Carole Ann Penney helps mission-driven professionals navigate their career and leadership journeys with purpose and resilience. As the Founder of Penney Leadership and a facilitator of Harvard Business Publishing’s corporate leadership development programs, Carole Ann guides emerging leaders to uncover and articulate who they are, what they stand for, and what they bring to the table—so they can forge a unique career path that is authentic, meaningful, and impactful. Carole Ann holds a B.A. in Education from Brown University and certifications in Nonprofit Management & Leadership from Tufts University and Professional Coaching from IPEC.


How do I register for this course?

Registration can be made by clicking the register link above. Registration must be completed online and a separate online submission is required for each participating alumni.

What is the cost for the course?

There is no cost with the course.

 What resources will I need for this class?

To complete this course you'll need an internet connection, and the time to read, watch recorded lectures, and participate in online discussions.

Do I have to be a Berea College alum to participate in this course?

No, this course is available for Berea College and friends of the university.

When does the class meet?

The course site opens to participants on September 6, 2022, but when you "attend" class is entirely up to you. Our online course is without set class meetings. Instead, "class" is really the collection of video lectures that are available on-demand. Each week a new section of the course will be posted, and you can watch that content. However, you can always go back and review the previous content. After you've studied the readings and watched the video lectures, you'll head over to the course forums to respond to the weekly discussion questions and interact with the professor, teaching assistants, and your classmates.

Where will the discussion with other alumni happen?

There will be a LinkedIn group provided to you that will house all the discussion about course content. You'll be able to interact with other alumni from Simon Fraser University and other universities whose alumni are also taking the course.

Can I earn credit for completing the course?

Course credit is not offered. Those participants who fulfill the requirement of posting answers to the required discussion questions will be e-mailed a certificate following the conclusion of the course.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If you have further questions, please email